Things I Can’t Control:

  • the color of my mom’s skin
  • where I live
  • my school
  • what my dad does
  • my love for people
  • how shy I am
  • what people do. what people don’t do.
  • how fast times flies
  • who does what to who.
So much more, I just don’t have control over, and so many of them effect me in some major way. Of course I’m not alone in this, because Someone is in control and he knows how to make it work. Even when I can’t see how, it always does. I’ve witnessed so many miracles in my life, it’s unbelievable. Of course you have to believe it is a miracle, for it to be one. At least, for you realize it is one- if that makes sense. I’m always looking for miracles, because they happen all the time and are always wonderful to see. 

Story of My Life

Something I suppose people should know is I’m a Christian. I believe Jesus Christ died on a cross for my sins and is my savior. Born Again Christian I guess is the technical term for what I am, but that title usually raises a few eye brows. No worries, I’m not going to slap anyone with a Bible or force you to repent or something. Actually, I’ll probably just pray for you or tell you what I believe to be true, and what’s the harm in that? I love people, everyone is beautiful in some way, and I don’t believe in hate. Except evil, I hate evil. But who loves it? Eh, I guess there are some. 

My life’s been loooooong, even though it’s really only been a few short years compared to other people. My dad ditched us when I was-er-seven? Or six. I don’t really remember. Then he “came back” to try and make it work with my mom, but he really never tried per say. Then he was gone again just like that and I haven’t seen him for almost a year now. Last I heard from him was by way of divorce papers. 


We’ve been poor and homeless and on the streets, but thanks to my Church we were given boarding and food and clothing even. Even Christmas presents and dinner one year, something that was on the bottom of our list of priorities at the time. We’ve moved from place to place so many times and I’ve changed plenty of schools, but all a long I believe God has been there for me and kept me going. Also my mom, sister, grandmother, brothers, friends, and Church. Even after all that happened thanks to my dad, I don’t hate him. I can’t hate him, it’s physically not possible, I think, because even though I’ve tried, I always end up loving him all the same. 

It used to hurt a lot to remember so I pushed the memories back, back far into the depths of my subconscious mind, to be looked at again when I was ready. Well, I’m ready and it really doesn’t hurt as much as I presumed it would. Sure, people expect me to be cold, sad, and basically a total emotional mess- but I’m not. I’m not about to let one persons mistakes ruin my life. Plus, I know I’ve got so much more to live for. 

Besides an absent father, I also had to deal with bullying for my weight, family status, and clothes. Kids can be so cruel, and I supposed that’s why I have so much trouble connecting with a certain age group of kids-even now. I love kids, sure, but certain ages just don’t mix well with me. And it’s me, not them, I make it awkward, not them. I can’t help it.

Actually there’s a lot of things in my life I can’t help.  

Welcome to the Avenue!

Hey there peoples,

My name is Lily Avenue. Primarily I AM A WRITER. I live, breathe, and speak writing and it’s such a main focus in my life as I plan and hope to be a professional author on here. Of course there are many other aspects to my life though, such as photography, my faith, art (different forms), music, my friends, reading, and sports! I try to keep things interesting and keep up the beat. This blog will function as an outlet for my mind. People tell me I over-think and should try to relax my mind more, maybe they’re right, so I’m going to use this to empty out all my extra brain junk. Probably in the form of pictures, anecdotes, rants, rambles, and whatever comes to my busy mind!


I don’t care if this becomes popular or not, it’s almost like a public journal or something really. Anyway, hope this works out and I hope whoever reads enjoys my antics and frenzies. This should surely be interesting.